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Speed Gear (Speeder XP)


Speed Gear - Speed Hack Software

Speed Gear

PC Speed Hack Software, Hack Windows Speed, Hack Game Speed

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Speed Gear 5:

Speed Gear version 5.0 has over 3 million downloads. It's the most popular and best-selling version of Speed Gear.

Speed Gear version 6.0 or later version uses new speeder kernel arithmetic. You can download the old version 5.0 at if the new version doesn't work with your PC.


Speed Gear 5 Screenshot:

Speed Gear 5 Screenshot


Version History:

  • Speed Gear 0.1 is one of the earliest Windows speed hack software. We published our Speed Gear (formerly called Brothers Speeder, Speeder XP) software and accelerator arithmetic source code right after the first Windows virus CIH code was published. Most Windows speed hack programs on the market are based on our accelerator arithmetic.
  • Speed Gear 3.0 is the first speed hack software supports Windows XP.
  • Speed Gear 5.0 features new "linearity-accelerate" technology which can smoothly change Windows speed.
  • Speed Gear 7.2 supports Windows Vista. Speed Gear 7.2 features new "duo-speeder-engine" technology which can speed up the whole Windows or only one specific program.
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