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Internet Tracks Washer

Delete History, Delete Cache

Internet Tracks Washer 11

One-click delete history, delete cookie, delete cache, delete Windows temp files and much more.

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Download Custom Version :

Internet Tracks Washer (formerly called Windows Tracks Washer) Version 11 has been released! We use RegNow to process Internet Tracks Washer orders and provide incredible 50% (default) - 60% (featured needed) affiliate commission fee.

To create a custom build with embedded affiliate ID in less than a minute:

1. Download the setup file from Please note it's "xxxxx" here, not your affiliate ID.

2. Rename the setup file by replacing the "xxxxx" by your RegNow affiliate ID. If your affiliate ID is "12345" your file name will be "wtwasher_12345.exe".

3. Done!

You can use this file as a free download from your website, distribute it to your clients or even distribute it via magazine cover CDs. If you want us to host your file, just reply this email with your affiliate id.

Box image URL:

Please feel free to contact us at if you would like any additional information.

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